Fager Emila Titanium Fixed Ring

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Fager Emilia is the ideal choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Easily develops cuts or sores.
  • Feels stiff to the contact on one or both sides but still sensitive.
  • Needs more flexibility than a standard straight bit.

Emilia is a durable and lightweight, single-jointed Titanium Snaffle.

Emilia provides even pressure distribution and creates a comfortable and responsive contact in the horse's mouth. It is designed to be gentle and offers clear signals as it gives pressure on the sides of the tongue but less pressure on the top of the tongue.

It enables fine-tuned communication between rider and horse for a positive and trusting riding experience.

The lightweight, straight design helps to promote more precise and direct communication down the reins.

Emilia is constructed using Fager's Anoblast™ manufacturing technique which produces a high quality, extremely durable bit; the  highest quality Titanium bit on the market today! The grey colour is a natural consequence of the production process, no additional colouring is used.