About Us


Fager Australia is run by EQ Emporium Pty Ltd, distributors of the Fager Equestrian and Bitting Range for Australia. EQ Emporium is a secure and trusted business based in Melbourne, Australia. 

The Director of EQ Emporium is Loren Wellings, who resides in semi-rural Melbourne with her family and horses. Growing up enjoying horses, Loren knew her future were to be surrounded by equines! After starting another e-commerce store in 2014, our connection with Fager began through our extensive Bitting knowledge. So when you call for bitting advice, you can be confident that you are receiving the best bit advice in the country. We take so much pride in our connection with Fager Equestrian, who is based in Sweden. 

Fager philosophy is surrounded by the best comfortable fit for your horse. Fager believe in thinner bits over the tongue, straight shapes and accurate balance point over the mouth. The Fager concept takes old knowledge to a modern edge.



We ship to Australia and New Zealand only.

Within Australia:

Postage is $15 Express Post

New Zealand:

International Air $18AUD


Delivery time: Express Post is 1-2 days. International Postage is 5- 14 days.

Out of Stock Items: Clothing items will be marked as sold out if unavailable, however Bits will be marked as available. If bits are out of stock, we will notify you immediately of a wait time. Usually worst case scenario is 2-3wks IF out of stock.  



Mobile: 03 90812755 (10am to 4pm -  Mon to Fri)

Email: info@horsebitemporium.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fageraustralia (24/7)

Postal Address: EQ Emporium Pty Ltd, PO Box 429, Hurstbridge Victoria Australia 3099