Fager Frans Sweet Gold Fixed Ring

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If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Hard to seek connection towards the bit
  • Falls constantly behind the bit
  • Sticking the tongue out/Chewing the bit frantically.
  • A younger horse.

An anatomical straight bit with pressure distribution that will give your horse great comfort.  Frans has the best shape for a horse that a straight bit can have. It follows the natural curves of the horse's mouth.

Sweet gold is similar to Sweet iron but has more electrical taste. Sweet gold will keep its beauty without any special maintenance.  

Frans is the perfect bit to combine with your other bits. We recommend using different bits from time to time, to change the pressure.

95mm / 3¾"
12mm 70mm
105mm / 4¼"
12mm 70mm
115mm / 4½"
12mm 70mm
125mm / 5"
14mm 70mm
135mm / 5¼"
14mm 70mm
145mm / 5¾"
14mm 70mm